Fouls on the Field vs Feces on our Fowl

Federal regulations are specific details, directives or requirements with the force of law enacted by the federal agencies necessary to enforce the legislative acts passed by Congress.                                                                                     US Government Info

During the 2012 major football referee lockout, brought on by a dispute between the National Football League and the NFL Referees Association over pay and benefits, games did not proceed without referees.  According to a 2012 Los Angeles Times article, there was the issue of “player health and safety  — the hottest topic in today’s NFL. The NFL Players Assn., fresh off its labor battle with the league, has backed that stance by referring to officials as “first responders.”   Even though there was much controversy over the fact that “the quality of games could suffer with replacement officials,” the NFL scurried to hire substitute referees so that the season could start.

Players of a game got more respect and protection than we, the people, and the world as a whole, are getting now.

The absurdity of demands, the stupidity, stubbornness, and shortsightedness of the self-absorbed Republican members of the House, have closed our government.   Their unwillingness to face reality and to govern, have suspended the nation’s system of inspections, monitoring and special procedures written to enforce and carry out our laws in a manner that safeguards our health and safety, and prevents corruption and environmental disasters.

If we followed the lead of the NFL, all business and enterprise, food production and banking, manufacturing, trade and transportation, politicking and on and on and on would be prohibited until our “responders” were back to work.  

That might make a few Republicans blink and a few voters wise up.