An Award Winning Post

Thank you Bryan, of Can Bryan Write? for nominating me for this Most Influential Blogger award and for giving me the opportunity to pass it on to some whose words or whose talents have impacted me — my moods, my thoughts, my opinions and/or my writing and presentation.

Our dogs brought us together, and I am so glad they did.  I had a wonderful time in his thoughts, poetry, and images.

I try to write for myself, not thinking about visits, likes, and comments, but I have to admit, your acknowledgement, my first award, means a lot to me.

Visit Bryan at My journey through his blog and the wordpress world that his nomination has led me to has been illuminating.


Here is how the award works

1. Display the Award on your Blog.
2. Announce your win with a post and thank the Blogger who awarded you.
3. Present 10 deserving Bloggers with the Award.
4. Link your awardees in the post and let them know of their being awarded with a comment.
5. Answer each of the 10 questions that your awarder asked, and then write 10 for your awardees or use the same ones up to you. OR
6.  As stolen from memyselfandela, make it simple, just nominate 10 people who have influenced you with their blog, OR
7. Accept the nomination with grace, and go on with your writing.

Requirements for the award include the listing of favorites in specific catalgories

Today’s favorites are:

Season – fall, because that’s where we are now
Singer – Joni Mitchell
Music — jazz
Author – Byrd Baylor
Charity – BMTInfonet
Television show – no TV, I’m a Netflix junkie
Drink – Water, sparkling and from the well

Other questions on the requirements

What room in your house would you renovate?
Just finished an addition, but I’d love to make my basement more friendly
Would you rather watch TV or read for relaxation?
Do you own a laptop, PC, etc?
Laptop, tablet, old fashioned flip phone

My choices for Most Influential Blogger are

seaandskyny.comhe presents his work so that all can understand it, and because he showed me that there is well-researched information on the internet.
myvoyagethroughtime.wordpress.comshe keeps me in the loop on archival affairs
mselenalevontraveling.comher blog pushed me to try adding photographs
persephonesstepsisters.wordpress.comshe validated my bluestocking past, and
shawnbird.comthey are Award Free Blogs and I’ve got to consider this, and one and the same person, who has validated the energy and time that I have put into my writing, and introduced me to great humorists womenshockeyjournal.wordpress.comshe has this very specific passion she writes about and gives us no inkling of who she is. I’d like to be able to write without using the word “I”. — his nomination initiated this entire exploration


Thanks again Bryan. Your encouragement is greatly appreciated. Best to you with your mid-life exploration.

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